1. The orders are valid after the written confirmation by the vendor. Unless the vendor has given the ability, nobody is authorised to commit the vendor, neither to cash money or to receive at his/her home the letters addressed to the vendor.
    The buyer conditions which are against the so called “sales conditions” are not valid.
  2. The goods are remaining the property of the saler until the cashing of the whole payment of the sale price , interests and costs even if this price has led to the issue of a bill of exchange or other commercial effects. Until the cashing of the whole payment, the following conditions will be applicable : the buyer may not pawn the goods neither use it in another way as a security. In the case of seizure of the goods , the buyer will inform the vendor immediately. The buyer is responsible of the all the costs that the vendor should have in order to obtain the withdrawal of the seizure.
  3. The delivery delays are not mandatory. The delivery delays are given to the Buyer as an information and cannot lead to the cancellation of the sale at the Buyer’s profit or the payment of damages.
  4. In case of non delivery of the goods, the deposit already paid by the Buyer will be paid back without interest neither other way of compensation.
  5. The transportation of the goods will be at the Buyer’s risks since the moment of loading on a truck or freight car even if this transportation method belongs to the Vendor or has been ordered by himself.
  6. No claims regarding the goods are valid unless it has been done by registered mail in the period of eight days starting after the delivery day. In every instance the Vendor responsibility will be limited to the replacement of the non compliant goods at the place of delivery after the return of the goods to be replaced.
  7. Any return of the goods will be refused unless it has been accepted in writing by the Vendor.
  8. In case of force majeure, the Vendor is free from his obligations without indemnity.
  9. In case of resale of the goods, the Buyer is the only responsible person towards his customers.
  10. The sale price should be paid cash without reduction unless it has been agreed differently in writing. The prices are free home of the Buyer and should be paid the to head office of the Vendor. No deduction of the invoice amount will be authorised unless the written agreement of the Vendor. All the unpaid invoices will bring to an interest of late payment of 18% per year. These interests are entitled without formal notice since the due date of the invoices.
  11. The total amount of each invoice should be paid at the due date. In case of non payment at the due date of the amount or a part of the amount, a fixed compensation of 15% of the invoice amount remaining unpaid with a minimum of 125 Eur is due.
  12. The judge of the head office of the Vendor is only competent for any disagreement resulting from this sale.